More than a decade of sisterhood has shaped Micah Maria and Beest into an unpredictable dynamic duo. You may never know what they’re going to say or do, but you can always expect to be drawn in by the looks they create, their sense of humor and their topics of conversation.

You can find Beest showcasing a variety of hair and makeup looks, while Micah plays in aesthetics via content creation and fashion design.

Their synchronized personalities make them an interesting pair, according to the numerous people who have told them over the years that they should have their own show. In 2015, Micah’s skill at writing and love for the world of fashion brought about the idea to create a fashion blog, which would also serve as a promotional platform for fashion industry enthusiasts.  Beest dived in to help make the vision a reality. Since then, the two have continued to use their individual paths to discover their own creativity. Now, Everything Beestly herself brings her beauty techniques and unique style in full collaboration with Detroit Fashion Dose. Two similar, yet separate worlds that have collided for years behind-the-scenes, now publicly display the skills they’ve developed, knowledge they’ve acquired and insight they’ve gained along the way. .And the best part is — they’re still learning.

Witness the journey to see how their years of experiences both together and individually, allow them to bring you entertaining content in the areas of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 

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