Classic Centry is her stylist name, and she’s truly a creative at heart. Describing herself as fun, spontaneous, energetic and goofy, Emerald is not only a wardrobe stylist, but a writer with a deep-rooted appreciation for music. During college, she majored in Journalism and minored in Music History. “I used to want to be a music journalist and ghost writer for musicians,” she shared during our email interview. “My first dream was to be a writer for Rolling Stone magazine or Billboard magazine.” Cultured in various musical genres, Emerald also knows how to play multiple instruments and loves poetry.

Artsy, right?

Though she’s always liked clothes, Emerald didn’t always view dressing as an art form. It wasn’t until 2010 when she began watching the show Project Runway, that she started to see fashion as art. “Clothes were just clothes to me and although I’ve always dressed nice, I never appreciated fashion like the way I do now,” she confessed. As Emerald grew to appreciate the art of fashion, the door to a new world was opened. “I realized that I began forming opinions about the clothing and what I would do differently, paying attention to detail, and looking at clothes from an artistic standpoint,” she shared.

Emerald’s three favorite words to describe herself are crazy, sexy, and cool. “I’m crazy in a good way, and sexy because I feel sexy! The older I get, the more in tune I become with my sexuality. Everything about me is sexy. And I’m way cool to get to know. I can get along with just about anyone.”

With an appreciation for Old Hollywood glamour and plans to become a well-known wardrobe stylist, Emerald prefers to keep it simple by “staying in my own lane, being humble, being kind, always keeping GOD first, and always paying attention to the past and present while focusing on the future.” She’s inspired by her mother and grandparents, as well as a number of celebrities including Diana Ross, Tracey Ellis Ross, Naomi Campbell, “and Janet Jackson, she’s my idol. I’m obsessed with her. Along with Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of the girls from Sex and the City,” she shared.

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