He’s pretty laidback. Almost too cool for school. With no dream clients and no dream projects, he just wants to shoot.

Chris is a photographer who prefers to go by the name ‘Lord of the Outsiders’, and when asked about the story behind the name, he plainly stated, “because I was in a group back in Atlanta called ‘The Outsiderz’. When I recently got into it with them, I changed my name to Lord of the Outsiders to mock it, and it grew on me.”

Chris, we’re crowning you ‘King Petty’. But we mean that in a good way.

When his little brother decided to become a musician, Chris volunteered to help his sibling build an image by becoming a photographer. Just a month later, Chris made the decision to take the trade seriously.

To become a professional and build a name for himself, he is simply “shooting everyday and working with different people,” he revealed in an email interview. He pins himself as his own biggest source of influence, and when he was recently fired from his job, he decided not to look back. “I don’t plan on finding a new job,” he admitted, “we’re young, and I’m taking this opportunity to build myself, my name, and my brand, while I’m young and know exactly what I want.”

Describing his personality as laidback, silly, and talented, Lord of the Oustiders wants everyone to know that he is a professional, despite not changing his voice or tone for anyone he speaks to. “I just like to talk to people comfortably because we’re all human,” he expressed.

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