Remember the coolest monkey in the jungle? Of course you do. How could anyone so quickly forget the controversial clothing ad posted online by Swedish retailer, H&M, earlier this year? It was a hot topic as most people were shocked that the retailer would be so oblivious to the ad’s seemingly blatant level of offensiveness. H&M has since apologized, but not everyone can forgive and forget. 

No need to cry over spilled milk, right? H&M seems to think so. According to Crain’s Detroit Business, sources say the retailer is seeking property in downtown Detroit. The article also stated there are currently no hard facts about the store’s approximate size and location. There are 15 H&M stores in Michigan at the moment, but if rumors are true, this will be the first location to hit the streets of Detroit.

If you frequent downtown Detroit, you are no stranger to the many changes taking place within our city. There are big-named stores popping up often, and seemingly out of nowhere. Will H&M be next? 

In the midst of the controversy that H&M faced over their ad earlier this year, there were a slew of online comments from people who wanted to boycott the store, and others who vowed never to shop there again. 

So, what do you think? Will you forgive their past mistakes and shop this possible new location? 

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